Pumpkin Plus Definer Peel30 minutes


Uniquely formulated pumpkin enzymes are infused with retinol while super-rich pomegranate and mango antioxidants fight free radical invasion.  This treatment is well tolerated.
Recommended monthly for enduring benefits
Single Treatment   $75

Lactic Plus Definer Peel 30 minutes


Blended with an organic melanin suppressant, hyaluronic acid, green tea, and echinacea, this is the peel of choice for pigmented, sun-damaged and dehydrated skin. Infused with antioxidants, skin will look and feel refreshed.
Recommended monthly for enduring benefits
Single Treatment   $100

VitaBright Refresher Peel30 minutes


Power boost your dull, dry skin with this active infusion of hydroxy acids and vitamins. This formula is in a luxurious base that mimics the skins own natural oils to help lock in moisture while the other active components sluff away dead cells and stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration.
Single Treatment   $125

Sal Pulp Peel 30 minutes


Powered by salicylic, this tropically-infused pulp gives versatility to your peel. This antioxidant and peptide-loaded peel can also be layered for precise wound control. Retinol infusion makes this treatment perfect for acne-prone, resistive or pigmented skin.
Single Treatment   $150

Microdermabrasion45 minutes

A revolutionary procedure to remove acne scars, sun damage, fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles without introducing acids into the skin. An even controlled flow of refined crystals gently but effectively “sand” the surface layers of skin. This procedure is safe and well tolerated.
Introductory   $75
Series of 4        $420
Series of 6        $596

Vascutouch15 minutes

For the Treatment of:
• Skin tags
• Small growths and ‘red dots’ on the face and body
• Broken capillaries and spider veins
This procedure is specific and precise for removing all of the above without risk of damage to the healthy surrounding skin. Advancements in technology allow Skinlogic to provide this service at half the cost of a surgery center. With each 15 minute treatment, we can get a lot accomplished but future treatments might be recommended.
Recommended: one or more treatments as needed
1st treatment                  $150
2nd treatment                 $125
3rd treatment                  $100
All proceeding treatments  $100