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Transgender Friendly Laser Hair Removal in Seattle at Skinlogic Med Spa

Transitioning from a male to a female can be a long and emotional process involving several physiological and cosmetic procedures to achieve the desired feminine appearance. Hair removal is often a major concern for many men going through the transition to become women. While there are several different ways to rid yourself of unwanted body hair, laser hair removal is one of the most permanent and effective options. Laser hair removal is noninvasive and utilizes a low-level laser beam that is tailored to the thickness of your hair, skin color and more.

Below is some more information on laser hair removal and why you should choose Skinlogic Med Spa for transgender friendly laser hair removal in Seattle.


Reasons for Transgender Laser Hair Removal

The biggest reason men and women undergo laser hair reduction is to rid the body of unsightly or uncomfortable hair. This is especially important for those transitioning into women as body or facial hair can work against their other cosmetic or surgical efforts. Alternative hair removal methods like shaving, bleaching and waxing aren’t always convenient. On top of that, they are only temporary efforts. Shaving and waxing can also cause unattractive razor bumps or acne.


Facial hair removal is one of the most popular types of laser hair removal for those transitioning to become women. Although laser hair removal may be more commonly used to treat large areas, focused hair removal is possible. It is often a desired procedure on the chin or upper lip areas.


The chest is another area popular for laser hair removal. By targeting the roots of the hair underneath the surface of the skin, this procedure can be a smart way to feel more confident and feminine in everyday life.


A back covered in hair may not be desirable for transgender women. Laser hair removal can be very effective in achieving a smooth, hairless back. Multiple sessions are recommended to achieve the results you want. The procedure should be undertaken in about four- to eight-week intervals to be most effective.


Brazilian is becoming a very popular treatment area among male and female.  Shaving and waxing can lead to irritation and ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal can reduce hair growth, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

Thinking about SRS (sex reassignment surgery)? Laser hair removal in the genital area is suggested.  Skin from the penile and mid-scrotum will be utilized in creation for the new vagina.  Leaving follicles, it is possible to experience irritation inside the vagina. We recommend planning ahead. It can take multiple treatments to achieve desired results.


With summer approaching, you may be ready to bare your legs without having to shave or wax. Legs are one of the most popular treatment areas for women who want a smooth look without constant shaving or waxing. If you’re ready to take this step in your transition, we can help there too. If you choose to continue shaving and waxing, as many women tend to do, we can recommend great products to help reduce the appearance and occurrence of bumps and ingrown hair.

Additional Hair Removal Treatments Available

Laser hair removal for men transitioning into women can be targeted to multiple areas of the body, with the face, back, legs and chest being the most popular. Laser hair removal can also be effective on areas like the abdomen, arms, bikini area, brazilian, neck and shoulders. While many aesthetics clinics can offer laser hair removal for men and women, Skinlogic Med Spa understands the unique needs of the transgender community. We offer a warm, welcoming environment and our expertise ensures you the best possible results.

Contact us at Skinlogic Med Spa, the premier Seattle medical spa, to achieve transgender friendly laser hair removal. Our convenient Green Lake location is here to treat you with precise, effective and lasting results you’ll love as you enter a new phase of your life!


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