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Imagine no longer needing to shave your beard every morning, no more five o’clock shadow, and no more ingrown hairs! Don’t like those out-of-control hairs on your shoulders and back? Are thinking about a male brazilian laser hair removal, but are too embarrassed to ask about it? Yes, bikini grooming is no longer gender-specific! Now men can reap the benefits of longer-lasting hair removal even in their most intimate region.

In deciding whether to come to Skinlogic Med Spa I ask when you compare are you provided pricing online even before you come in for a treatment?  We offer that at Skinlogic and why pay almost 3 to 4 times the amount for a series of laser hair removal treatments from other facilities that do not show you their pricing and makes you sign a contract when you purchase. National laser hair removal companies try to bait and switch you with low initial pricing and have closers who are not estheticians who sign you up for unnecessary treatments. Don’t be tricked into paying exorbitant series prices and compare out our series pricing.

What type of laser hair removal system do you have?

In the past, the energies used in laser hair removal procedures prevented people with certain hair and skin colors from receiving treatments as they could only treat extremely light skin with extremely dark hair.  The Cynosure Apogee Elite contains two laser systems – a 755 nm Alexandrite laser and a high powered 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser – these are the most optimal wavelengths for hair removal.

By providing two different wavelengths, the Apogee Elite laser can be used to treat patients with all types of skin. The addition of the YAG laser allows us to treat patients of darker skin types for excessive hair growth, especially of the face, arm pits and bikini lines. Patients with pseudofolliculitis (razor bumps) on the beard, face or neck now have this option to consider.

How long does it take and what does it cost?

Laser hair removal for men can be done in less than an hour. It only takes 30 minutes to treat your back, 20 minutes to treat your chest or stomach, and 10 to 15 minutes to treat your speedo line; hence you can opt to do it even during your lunchtime. Click here for a full price list. Our technicians use the very latest laser technology, ensuring a faster, more effective hair removal than any other method.

How many men’s hair removal treatments will I need?

Laser hair removal for men can vary and will depend on the type of hair you have (hormonal, normal, aging). You will need a few permanent hair removal treatments, performed every 5-6 weeks until the follicle can no longer support hair growth. For best results, you may also need a couple of maintenance appointments annually following your completed course. As a bonus, laser body hair removal for men means your ingrown hairs will disappear from the very first appointment and you do not have to wait for regrowth to get treated again.

How does laser body hair removal for men actually work?

These treatments work using Photothermolysis – wherein the light energy from the laser is converted into heat, which damages the hair follicle. This is the reason why laser is the most effective male hair removal available.

About laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is amazing, it uses no gels so it does not leave any chemical or sticky residues, and unlike other methods, cannot get into your bloodstream or lymph nodes, so it can be used for other sensitive areas such as the male genital area, underarms, ears or nose. So, if you are a man who wants a permanent hair removal treatment and has not found the right option, contact Skinlogic Med Spa, the most respected and reputable laser hair removal clinic in Seattle.

Does laser work anywhere?

Laser is not just for men’s body hair; it can also be used for facial hair, including between or above the eyebrows, sideburns or even on the neck to get rid of collar rash. Laser is the most versatile hair remover for men available and can be used almost anywhere on the body.

Will permanent laser hair removal for men hurt?

The Apogee laser also incorporates the use of the Smart Cool system by Cynosure. This system utilizes a “double cooling” technique which uses the body’s natural cooling process in conjunction with a specifically engineered external cooling system. The Smart Cool system is used with the laser to minimize patient discomfort during treatment. This makes laser not only the most effective hair removal technique available for men today, but also makes it quick and almost painless. After treatment, you can return to work straight away.

Why choose Laser by Skinlogic Med Spa?

We are often recognized in Seattle as men’s permanent hair removal experts. We are fair and upfront with all our clients and will let you know what you can realistically expect. By providing two different wavelengths, the Apogee Elite laser can be used to treat patients with all types of skin. So if you are a man searching for the most effective hair removal method around, book now!

Men’s Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

One of the laser hair treatments we offer is Brazilian laser hair removal for men aka the “Bro-zilian” , including hair removal of all – or almost all – hair from your pubic region.

Laser hair-removal is the preferred option for hair removal as waxing can hurt more than laser hair-removal in those areas.  Lasers feels like a rubber band repeatedly snapping hard on the skin and [waxing] gives you stubble and grows back in a month.

What If I Get “Turned On” During a Male Brazilian Waxing or Laser Hair Removal?

This sometimes happens in the treatment room and can be embarrassing if you’re not prepared. There is a possibility that men will have an erection during waxing or Laser Hair Removal. Why does this happen? It is not really the sexual turn-on but is more of a physical reaction that sometimes can’t be avoided. Relax and don’t worry. Most of the time, after a few zaps with the laser, you will not have the issue anymore. Your medical esthetician has probably been in this situation many times before, and like any other professional, she will continue on like nothing has happened. The male patient should also remember to maintain a professional demeanor and conduct themselves appropriately as well.


How Should I prepare?

Be clean. If you are having a body treatment, come freshly showered. Be dry.
Cleanliness is appreciated, but please skip on the lotion, you’ll get better results if your skin is less oily.

Be just a little bit hairy.

For Laser Hair Removal, please arrive with all areas to be treated completely shaved for best results and safety. You should not pluck or wax the area for 4 weeks before your appointment so that the hair follicles will be present and you will get a more effective treatment. If you are not properly groomed and need to be shaved before the treatment there will be an additional charge.

Be comfortable.

If possible, wear loose clothing that day to prevent irritation in the post-treatment phase.

Be relaxed.

Your medical esthetician will try to put you at ease, but you still may feel a little embarrassed. Don’t worry, they understand. Especially for waxing, the more relaxed your muscles are, the better your hair removal results will be.

What Should I Expect?

Remove clothing.

You will be asked to remove your underwear in a treatment room. By removing your underwear you protect your clothing as well as provide optimal working conditions so that the technician can get all of the unwanted hair. Men are also given the option of a disposable thong to wear during the treatment.

Prep the area.

Your medical esthetician will cleanse the area to eliminate potentially dangerous bacteria that may exist on your skin.


Your medical esthetician will examine the areas of your preference and will discuss the procedure. Please arrive groomed according to what procedure you will have performed. (See above.) She will also ask you about what areas you would like to leave hair and how much of it you would like to leave.

Getting rid of the hair.

Your medical esthetician will perform the actual waxing or Laser Hair Removal.


After you are as bare as you want to be, the medical esthetician will apply a soothing cream to the area. You are finished and ready to go about the rest of the day.

Series additional information.

* All Series are expected to be used within a year of purchase. If series is not used within a year of purchased they are subject to any price increase and must pay the difference on remaining treatments. If you purchase a series and decide not to complete it you will be charged the regular treatment price for treatments received and an additional 10% charge of the series price before refund is allowed.

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