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What are the benefit of membership?

With our ‘Smart Skin’ membership you will enjoy monthly savings on your favorite treatments, EXCLUSIVE MEMBER ONLY offers throughout the year, and discounts off all your product purchases. The memberships are designed for any skin type at all stages of needed care….whether you are barely beginning your maintenance schedule or are in need of corrective treatments we have a membership for you.

How long is the membership?

The membership is 12 months and then it’s a month to month membership.

How am I charged for the membership?

 It works like a gym membership. Your credit card is charged automatically at the first of every month.

Do I receive any additional discounts on product or services?

Yes you will receive a discount on all of your products and any service outside the membership. Discounts are based on your membership level.

The brochure has pricing for individual services, do I need to pay that amount?

No you are just charged the monthly fee for the membership you choose. The pricing in the brochure is to show you the savings you receive if you were to purchase those treatments without a membership.

What Can I receive more than on service within my membership month?

Your monthly fee allows you to choose a single service but you can receive additional services per month at an even lower price than your monthly fee.

If I have a series now can I roll it into a membership?

Yes, you just would need to meet with the membership coordinator to go over your options.

What if I am going to be out of town for more than a month or I miss my monthly treatment?

You can freeze your membership with no additional fee or your monthly treatment is good for 8 weeks so you can carry it forward into the following month.

If I am interested in botox/dypsort but want more then is offered in the membership can I combine my monthly treatments together?

Botox/Dysport can only be utilized once every 3 months under the membership program and cannot be combined with other months. If you go over the allotted amount you will receive a discount on those units depending on which membership level you signed up for.