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In an abrupt bankruptcy filing American Laser Skincare  has abruptly closed its doors nationwide to for all its 100 plus stores. Local branches in Seattle, Bellevue, and Lynwood have left customers empty handed and without recourse for prepaid packages.
Scott Smith the owner of #skinlogicmedspa in Seattle, Green Lake area was quoted as saying, ‘ my heart goes out to all those clients who have invested money in treatments and series with the expectation of receiving their services.’ He went on to say,’ I hope that these clients reach out to local businesses like ours that have unparalleled reputations and who have been around for more than a decade. We would love to extend a special offer to those who have been disenfranchised by this experience and get them back on their way to achieving their desired results’.

‘I have also found some excellent research on the Wall Street Journal Bankruptcy Beat Blog that gives some really great insights into  those who have financed packages through one of the company’s chosen “financing business partners,” Comenity Capital Bank, you can receive a credit towards services that were not provided.  Just click on the Wall Street Journal icon below to find more information’.



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