This patient sought treatment for her adult acne and hyperpigmentation.
Treatment: A series of 2 VI Peels


A professional model from South Florida who was treated for acne.before-after-RASTERIZE
These photos were taken four days apart.

Treatment: 1 VI Peel



I started noticing darkening areas on my face a couple of years ago and I thought they were just sun spots because I was always out in the sun and never used sunscreen.

I have since had a total of 4 VI peels and the difference in my skin is nothing short of a miracle. I feel like I have my life back!

These photos were taken four days apart.



This patients VI Peel removed her sun damaged skin, which gave her a more youthfbefore-after Lopezul appearance. The before and after photos were taken seven days apart.

Treatment: 1 VI Peel



Cynthia is a woman of Irish descent living in South Florida who suffered from hybefore-after CYNTHIAperpigmantation.

Treatment: 1 VI Peel