Laser Hair Reduction Daily Consent

The following questions are required to ensure the safety and efficacy of the laser treatment. All questions pertain solely to the area being treated. Example: if you recently had a chemical peel on your face and are having laser hair removal on the underarms today you would check ‘no’ as the chemical peel was not performed on the area being treated.


  In the last 72 hours have you had any clinical peeling procedure done? 

  In the last 72 hours have you used any acid based products (salicylic, glycolic, etc.)?    

  In the last 72 hours have you used any retinol based products?*   

  In the last four weeks have you had any waxing, tweezing or threading?

  In the last 4 weeks have you had regular sun exposure or tanning?  

  In the last 4 weeks have you applied any self-tanner or bronzing products?  

  Are you currently using any medications that make you sensitive to the sun?*  Common examples: Antibiotics, diuretics, antifungals, acne medications and St. John’s Wart   

  Are you currently pregnant or nursing?    

  Pacemaker or Defibrillator?  

*Please check with your treatment provider if you are unsure if a medication or supplement you are using might compromise the safety and efficacy or your treatment.


I acknowledge that all information contributed by me is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.  I will inform my skin care professional if there are any changes to my medications, recent prolonged sun exposure or topical bronzing usage, or any new contraindications for the treatments outlined in my treatment plan.  I will immediately contact the facility if any adverse reactions appear following the procedure. I have been advised of the contraindications for laser hair removal and understand that with any laser treatment there are associated risks such as burns and blisters that may result in scarring of the skin. I consent to the treatment described above with its associated risks. I hereby release the medical director, esthetician and the facility from liability associated with this procedure.


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