Laser Hair Removal Bikini Treatments

The Bikini Line

[raw] [column size=”1/4″] laser hair removal bikini line[/column] [column size=”3/4″ last] The bikini line is very simple & it hurts the least. This treatment is best described as the cleanup of the sides, the hair exposed while wearing a swimsuit.[/column] [/raw]

The Full Bikini

[raw] [column size=”1/4″] laser hair removal full bikini[/column] [column size=”3/4″ last] The full bikini starts off like a bikini line but includes the option of shaping the top of the triangle & goes a little deeper into the sides.[/column] [/raw]

Full Bikini Extended

[raw] [column size=”1/4″] laser hair removal full bikini extended[/column] [column size=”3/4″ last] The full bikini extended gives you the option of removing beyond the full bikini lines.
It cover ONLY the font area.[/column] [/raw]

The Brazilian

[raw] [column size=”1/2″] laser hair removal brazilian bikini





[/column] [column size=”1/2″ last] The brazilian gives the option of removing absolutely everything. All of the hair in front, back & in between is removed, leave a landing strip or bare it all (the ‘triangle’ on top is probably the most sensitive part despite what you might think about the more southern regions).[/column] [/raw]

Body Parts

laser hair removal zones