The sun causes an incredible amount of damage to your skin – especially at this time of year! So what can we do to maintain healthy, younger-looking skin?
The first line of defense is sunscreen – I recommend using a minimum of 30SPF and make sure it’s a physical block sunscreen as opposed to a chemical sunscreen for better coverage. No matter what the SPF, sunscreen will not last all day, so remember to reapply often!
Topical Vitamin C is also beneficial, acting as a powerful antioxidant against environmental damage. We recommend our line of topical antioxidants from SkinCeuticals.  The use of Retinol at night will improve fine lines, pore size, and help with an even complexion. Remember to purchase your products at Skinlogic Med Spa, as over the counter products do not have the appropriate percentage to work as well.
An in-office treatment – the IPL Photofacial – is light based. It targets broken capillaries and unwanted pigmentation. This treatment improves overall complexion and skin health.
Make an appointment to discuss your skin concerns – our team will give you honest recommendations on your quest for healthier, younger looking skin!
Enjoy your summer!